Site Management Made Easy

Congratulations on having your own website! But it’s not the end of the story as websites need regular checks for updates and security purposes. Managing the updates and securities on the servers is our job, but on the website side, it’s up to you, the client to check and remove for potential harmful malware, broken links and much more.

PremiumSide Hosting provide an all-in-one site management solution for those who do not have the extra time on hand or power to do so. We’ll go for the extra miles to get your things done in a more cost effective way rather than hiring a tech geek sitting in your office and costing you big bucks per month.

Hire our webmasters to handle your website needs, starting as little as $30/RM135.00 per task.

Sit Back And Relax

Escape from sitting in front of the computer just to get things running as it should be

Performance Check & Optimization

We'll run a check on your website performance, and optimize it for the best performance if possible.

Content Management

Just send us the content that you want to put on your website. We'll take care the rest of it publishing on your website.

Security Check

We'll scan thru your entire website for security purpose, update securities & remove malware if there's one. We'll keep your website safe.

Products & Services Update

We'll assist you to add, modify or remove products/services and prices on your website. All we need is the products/services details.

Find & Fix Broken Links

We'll check your entire website links for you, if there are broken links, we'll fix them.

Image Optimization

We'll optimize your web images for a better website performance.

Basic SEO Setup

We'll check and update the basic SEO requirements on all your webpages if necessary.

Contact Form Check

Receiving enquiries are important, we'll check your contact form if it's working as usual or not.

If you need a monthly site management service, please contact us to get a custom quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my website be created?

Your website will be created using a Content Management System – WordPress.

What if I need additional management services?

If you have used up the number of the services as listed, you may request for additional management services by contacting our sales team via LiveChat or Support Ticket.

Pricing can be found at our Site Management Agreement which is included within our Terms Of Service.

Who are suitable for Site Management - Lite

Site Management – Lite are suitable for personal blogs, small websites and small businesses which provide information, or might offer products/services but:

  • Do not always have new products to offer to the public every 3-months
  • Are not an eCommerce website that might require daily products and pricing modification.

Your website will be updated once every 3-months (quarterly).

What are not included in site management services?

Site management services do not include advance custom coding, special features development, logo creation, video creation, graphic design services, website design, website customization, website layout modification, website theme/template modification.