How does ID Protect work?

When your domain is covered by ID Protect, we replace the personal identifying information in your Whois record with generic contact information for Enom itself. No third-party marketers will be able to see your information, so no junk mail or phone calls will come directly to you as a result of the information we collect.

ID Protect must be added to each domain you register. While many top-level domains support ID Protect, not all do. When you go to check out a domain, add Domain Privacy to the domain and we’ll let you know if that domain is eligible for the service. You can also add Domain Privacy to domains you’ve already registered.

Don’t risk unwanted attention. Shield your personal information by adding Domain Privacy to your domain today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Domain Privacy help reduce spam?

Whois records are a principal source of email addresses for spammers. If your domain name has Domain Privacy, we change the generic email address associated with your domain several times a year. Spammers will see this generic email address, but once we change it, that source of spam will be cut off.

What if someone sends something to the generic postal address listed on Domain Privacy domains?

For mail which does not appear to be unsolicited commercial mail, we will either forward the mail or fax the content to you. We will not forward junk mail, or forward any other communication if it becomes apparent that you provided the ID Protect address to third parties.

What if I need to prove ownership of a domain?

To prove ownership of your domain, temporarily disable ID Protect and then ask the verifying party to confirm Whois registration details again.

To disable Domain Privacy, you can simply contact our technical support and request to have it disable. You can either submit a ticket or Live Chat our technical support team at any time.” Once the ownership verification is complete, you can turn the ID Protect service back on by repeating the above steps.